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June 24, 2023

Your Next Beauty School Tour – What to Ask

If you’re interested in starting your beauty education, chances are you may have scheduled a tour with a local beauty school already. These tours are a great opportunity to see the campus, get a feel for the school community, and also have your questions answered. A lot of information can be given to you, which can make it hard to know just what to ask. Be prepared for your next beauty school tour with our list of 10 questions to ask!

1. What Programs Does the School Offer? What Can I Learn in Those Programs?

Different beauty schools provide different programs. Generally speaking, beauty schools may offer programs in cosmetology and esthetics. At JD Academy Salon + Spa, we offer courses in both those areas so you can feel confident in the area of your choosing.

Cosmetology Program

The cosmetology program at JD Academy was designed to prepare students to become future salon professionals. This hands-on program is led by experienced instructors who know what it takes to succeed in the modern beauty industry. From beauty fundamentals to business and marketing training, our curriculum is centered around career preparation.

Esthetician Program

As a licensed esthetician, you can get an extensive education in skincare to better understand how to create the perfect skincare routine for your clients. More and more people are turning to estheticians to help them take care of their skin, and that could be you. The esthetician program at JD Academy can provide you with that knowledge and help you pursue your dreams of skincare.

2. How Long Will My Program Take to Complete?

Each state has its own requirements for beauty schools and how many hours are needed to get a license in your field. In the state of California, 1000 hours are required for a cosmetology license and 600 hours are required for esthetics.

As you tour the beauty school, be sure to ask if they offer full-time, part-time, or evening and weekend classes to fit your schedule. Typically, evening courses are shorter, so it may take you longer to complete your training. 

3. How Does the School Prepare Me for My Future?

Finding a job directly after esthetics school can be tricky, so you should ask what services the school offers to help. Something you may or may not consider is how the school helps you market yourself on social media. Instagram is becoming more and more of a tool to build a portfolio and build your book of business. During the tour, ask the school what they teach students in areas like business and marketing for a better idea of if they can help you achieve a successful career.

4. Will I Get to Perform Services in a Student Spa?

Be sure to ask lots of questions on your tour about the school’s student spa, such as:

  • What services are offered?
  • How soon can you practice with guests?
  • How are students supervised during these services?
  • Is there a required number of hours students must practice in the spa?

cosmetology student washing client hair

When you walk through, don’t hesitate to ask questions about what makes the salon experience different from other schools, from the choice of products to the unique atmosphere of our student spa.

5. What Types of Financial Aid are Available to Me?

The cost of a beauty education is often a key determining factor when choosing a school. Thankfully, many esthetics schools will offer some type of financial aid assistance or program. But you should be sure to ask for further details while on your tour.

6. What Should I Expect as a Student?

Ask questions about the rules and policies of the school, and you may also want to get some insight from students about how they feel about day-to-day life. Some schools have stricter requirements for their students than others – and you might want to consider this when applying.



Be sure to ask about the school’s policies on things like:

  • Class absences
  • Passing grade requirements
  • Make up work
  • Uniforms or dress codes
  • Campus rules

You may also want to ask the school what people love about their experience at the school. Or, you can find a school’s reviews online to see how one school might be a better fit for you!

7. What Do I Need to Know Before Enrolling?

If you get a sense on your tour that this school could be a good fit, make sure you ask about the next steps. Before you apply and enroll, you’ll want to know:

    • Where can I pick up an application?
    • What paperwork do I need to submit first?
    • What supplies will I need for the first day of class?
    • Will a student kit be provided?

Another tip is to make a list of any questions you can think of while on your tour and write out the answers as you ask. You can then refer back to this information as you consider which school you want to apply for.

8. What Will My Schedule Look Like?

woman receiving a facial massage

Some schools may offer evening courses, or only 4 day school weeks. Make sure you know what your schedule options are, how often new classes start, and what they require of you time-wise.

At JD Academy, our new student classes typically start every 5 weeks. In other words, you don’t need to wait for a Spring or Fall semester. We have new classes forming nearly every month. Our classes are Monday-Friday for approximately 5.5 hours each day.

9. Is the School Nationally Accredited?

While non accredited beauty schools may teach the same classes as an accredited one, being accredited is a reliable signal that the school meets high standards for quality in serving students. 

JD Academy is accredited by The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts + Sciences (NACCAS). In addition to a great education, this means our tuition is eligible for government programs such as Pell Grants and other financial assistance programs for those who qualify.

10. What Sets Your School Apart from Others?

We know there are plenty of beauty schools out there, so you’ll want to find out what sets the school you’re touring apart from others. What do they teach that other schools don’t? Do they have an amazing atmosphere? What can they offer you?

Book a Tour at JD Academy!

Our mission at JD Academy is to help turn you into a beauty professional who can excel throughout your career. Our curriculum is designed to give you a combination of a hands-on, real-world experience with dedicated classroom support from our experienced instructors. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour!

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