Our educators have many years of hands-on experience in the subjects they teach at our East Bay Location in California. JD Academy pursues educators who are currently active in the industry. They bring their real-life experience to the classroom. Our educators strive to provide up-to-date information along with access to the latest technology. We design our curriculum to help make you marketable to future employers, not just to sit for an exam.

President of JD Academy and Admissions Director

President of JD Academy and Admissions Director

Elayne BeckerExecutive Director / Educator &Licensed Cosmetologist

Elayne Becker
Executive Director / Educator & Licensed Cosmetologist

Nancy Reyes Financial Aid Officer

Nancy Reyes Financial Aid Officer

De'Ahna "Dee" TurnerCampus Director

De’Ahna “Dee” Turner
Campus Director

Zuri Ferrusquia
Assistant Campus Director

Lilian Denmead-MillerLicensed Esthetician & Educator

Lilian Denmead-Miller Licensed Esthetician & Educator

Bernadine Tatum
Licensed Esthetician & Educator & Milady Advanced Master Educator

Belinda Gomez
Educator & Licensed Cosmetologist

Karina RevueltaEducator & Licensed Cosmetologist / Barber

Karina Revuelta Educator & Licensed Cosmetologist / Barber


Josette Jelveh
Makeup Specialist & Licensed Cosmetologist

Jennifer Matthews
RN and licensed Esthetician Educator

Nicky Valencia
Admissions / Licensed Cosmetologist

Linda BertautEducator & Licensed Esthetician

Linda Bertaut Educator & Licensed Esthetician


Shirley Negron
Educator & Licensed Esthetician

Enga Norton
Educator & Licensed Esthetician

Katie Quintana
Office Manager, Licensed Esthetician

Denise Gaston
Educator & Licensed Esthetician

Tiffany Brooks
Licensed Cosmetologist/ Educator

Licensed Esthetician & Educator & Milady Master Educator

Juliet Torres
Licensed Esthetician & Educator

Ian Summers
Information Technology Lead


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Since it's inception, I've had the opportunity to interview and work with many of the graduates from the JD Academy in Danville, California. It's been my experience, the caliber of students are technically well educated and prepared for their journey into a successful career in the beauty industry. The JD Academy is always my first call when looking to expand the team at Tribez Salons. Donna Bruner, Owner Tribez Salons

Salon Owner Testimonial

"I want to thank my teachers; Ms. Lily, Ms. Bernie, Ms. Joni, and Ms. Catherine who had such a huge positive impact on me and my time at JD Academy. It was challenging going through school during the height of the pandemic (I started in February 2020) but felt I was able to push through with all of their help, encouragement, knowledge, and guidance along the way. Also, a huge thank you to the staff members during my time at JD Academy such as yourself Ms. Dee, Ms. Janet, Ms. Kelsey, Mr. Phuong, and everyone else there who made attending school so delightful. Although I'm currently attending school for Medical Assisting, I still have a love and passion for esthetics! I'm hoping to obtain a job that can incorporate the two fields."

Raquell, Esthetician Program Graduate

I wanted to say thank you for always keeping us informed and doing a wonderful job helping us however you can. Thank you for all you do! Emily, Current Student 12/2021

Emily, Current Student 12/2021

I am a current esthetician student at this school. Highly recommend! The teachers are so supportive and kind. Everyone here truly cares about their students. I have learned so much from here and they really prepare you for state board.

Kayla T.

Ms. Janet. I have some exciting news for you today. I was just hired with Blue Mercury to start as a sales associate and later move into an esthetician position. The best part is it is literally right around the corner from my house. I couldn't wait to share the news with you. I'm literally crying out of JOY and GRATITUDE!!!! Thank you for having faith in me, you have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you for allowing me to get my education at JD Academy.

Brenda, Graduate 12/2021