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August 22, 2023

JD Academy The Business of Bridal

JD Academy hosted a series of classes, The Business of Bridal, followed by a “Styling Brides” scholarship contest that was a huge success!

The Business of Bridal was created to give students an overview of the Bridal Business, emphasizing thorough consultation and effective listening skills to design a bride or bridal party’s desired look. In addition to covering technical skills, the class discussed how to legitimize and protect the entrepreneur’s business and position it apart from the competition

A Bridal Makeover is a specialty service where the artist acquires more detailed information about the event and utilizes that information to design a custom-curated look for the bride and, often, the bridal party.

Exposing students to different experiences within their chosen industry has the potential to inspire the creative student, stretches the parameters of their knowledge, aids them in learning more about themselves (strengths, skill level, areas of passion), and can open the door to opportunities.

The bridal business can be a money-making opportunity. It can be a stand-alone entrepreneurial endeavor or added as an offering among the other services provided.

Seeing the student body partake in the Bridal Styling Contest was impressive. They worked well in teams, utilized their limited time wisely, exuded passion for the assignment, and remained professional.

Each group laid their inspirations on a vision board to show their plan and remain focused. Team members designed and styled hair, makeup, and nails consistent with the bridal gown and theme. They also selected accessories and shoes. Though not required of the contest, some groups created invitations and bridal bouquets and chose procession music. Each group, with their designated speaker, presented their vision board and bride to four industry expert guest judges. Technical skills and their eye for detail were on full display!

Parameters were pushed when one group set themselves apart by offering the bride a relaxing facial before makeup, hair & nails resulting in an Ultimate Bride Experience. However, it challenged their time management skills and nearly caused them to miss their allotted dress fitting time. They had to race to the finish line. They came in second place! Very exciting!

JD Academy just published our Bridal Edition Magazine and it’s for sale at our Danville Location. Come on in and pick up a copy!

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