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February 2, 2024

JD Academy changes lives, one student at a time

A few alumni and a current student shared their JD Academy experience.

Below are excerpts from their testimonials. – JD Academy Magazine, fall 2023

“I came here the day after I graduated high school. So I only got one day of summer. But honestly, it was so worth it because coming to JD Academy has been a gift to me, and I love meeting everybody here. It’s honestly the best blessing I’ve ever had in my life.” Savannah will be serving clients in JD Academy’s salon under the direction of licensed professionals soon. She currently works as a salon receptionist, where she will serve cosmetology clients after licensure.

“It’s tough to take the jump from where you’re comfortable to go and do something very uncomfortable. I had to cut my work hours and didn’t know how everything would work out. But I would say to anybody who is wanting or thinking about making that jump, definitely do it! The staff here and everybody here has been so, so supportive. Thank you to all the staff, my friends, and colleagues who helped me through every day of the journey. ” Evette is now a licensed cosmetologist, proudly serving clients at Pristine Styles Salon in Concord

“I finally got to realize a dream. I grew up at a time when women were not encouraged to do anything that was their passion. All of my instructors were very supportive. They always worked with me. The smaller classes were perfect, and when I went to take my state boards, I felt well-prepared. I was only there for twenty minutes. I took my state board, passed, and cried out of joy all the way home. ” Brenda works as an esthetician at Massage Envy and aspires to own her own business.

Welcome to JD Academy. Thank you for coming out to support our school. Thank you to my teachers because you all have done such an amazing job to guide me through my journey here. Coming here was the best decision, and I just can’t thank you guys enough. It’s such a blessing to have this academy.”Sophia is currently waiting for her state board exam test date and interviewing at multiple salons.


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